CANADA - In the Middle of Nowhere

Canada, spring 2011. After few weeks in Montreal, wilderness and hugeness called me. Over 15.000 kilometers done by car,
hitchhiking almost all the time. One digital camera and a silver-based one with me, I crossed many provinces,
from the eastern Canada in Labrador, to the west until Vancouver and the Rockies.
Working on a photography book project, I'll try to describe and relate my trip as a photo essay, bringing titles and captions.
Here is a sample of my work.

This typical ruined house stands there, in the middle of nowhere, in Saskatchewan.
I stopped to shoot this one cause you really feel the hugeness of this landscape.
I asked myself why someone, at some point, decided to build this house, just here ?

(ISO 200 - 17 mm - 1/500 sec - f/8)
Here is a grain elevator, by the wayside, in Alberta province.
Canada is full of those old constructions.

(ISO 200 - 20 mm - 1/500 sec - f/8)
A very nice scene in Alberta.
The sky was wonderful, and those old houses called my camera.

(ISO 200 - 17 mm - 1/800 - f/7.1)
This road was very impressive. Very long, you just can't see the end.
It was somewhere crossing Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces.
The power lines go very far, which give you this impression of endless.

(ISO 200 - 25 mm - 1/640 sec - f/8)
In Manitoba or Saskatchewan, it could be hard to find gas.
This is why you should stop each time you find a gas station.
This one is really in the middle of nowhere, two undreds miles from Regina.

(Canon EF | Canon FD SSC 35mm f/2 |
Fuji Pro 400)
This place is a real old cars cemetry.
Maybe thirty of fourty cars like that were there.
With mountains around us, and sun above, it was a perfect place for photographers.

(ISO 100 - 17 mm - 1/250 sec - f/6.3)
This place is in Wayne, Alberta.
It's the Last Chance Saloon, very known because one of the older.
Drinking a beer there was a memorial moment !

(Canon EF | Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 |
Fuji Pro 400)
I stopped few minutes in this field.
Clouds were going fast and rain was very closed.
British Columbia colors are great !

(ISO 200 - 17 mm - 1/60 sec - f/5.6)
Here is a classic view of Canada.
Mountains, rivers, trees, everything is in the frame.
Reflection in the water as strip brings a cool touch.

(ISO 100 - 31 mm - 1/125 sec - f/9)
This shot was taken in Qu├ębec province, near Baie Comeau.
It was nearly the end of the day, and there was a great mist on the river.
The other side was hard to see, and here, only few trees appear.

(Canon EF | Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 |
Kodak Portra 800)